Mail Order Bride: Westward Winds Book One [A Book Review]


Mail Order Bride
Mail Order Bride: Westward Winds Book One by Linda Bridey

Published June 24th, 2014 by Mail Order Bride Dept., Gold Crown Press
Novella: 169 pages, Kindle Edition

Do not worry moms; you can certainly leave this novel lying around without worrying if your pre-teen may sneak by with your copy. Why? It is a clean romance between Tessa O’Connor and Dean Samuels. So clean that some may feel that the novella does more telling than showing but in that case I like the telling. Linda Bridey successfully used the scenes around the ranch and the mansion to tell us  how hero and heroine felt. Now, maybe you are not too fussy for unsoiled novels but you should give this one a try. More like give your senses a chance to feel the chemistry through the word, not just have the author tell you who grope who and where [ha-ha].

Westward Winds is not only a clean romance but it hints at the life of women during the time period. Tessa O’Connor is a woman who does not want to conform to the rigid society where she lived. Although raised in luxury she feels like her life is chosen for her and she rather explore and learn rather than simply go to balls then marry. For those who are a bit wary of that theme in the story do not worry. It does not overpower the Romance theme but act as a gentle foundation to understanding Tessa.

The other characters are act as a perfect addition to the story. I believe that mentioning Dean’s brothers and Tessa’s sisters in this story not only introduce future stories but add more favour to Westward Winds. I want to  read more about Marcus and his books *smiles*. Dean’s brothers and neighbours made me appreciate Dean’s kind heart. They encourage and cheer him on when he feels like he is incapable. Tessa’s family definitely makes us understand that the heroine is strong-willed and certainly able to travel alone.
Speaking of travelling, I promise you the language the author used to describe the scenery is beautiful. When Tessa travelled from East to Montana, I saw the dust on her clothes, I smelled the fresh air and I saw the beautiful sky. What the author lacked [a bit] for the language/phrases of the time period, she made up for it by appealing to the readers sight, touch, smell and taste.


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