Love Finds You [A Book Review]


Love Finds You

Love Finds You by Ivy Alexander
Published June 7th 2014

Ivy Alexander uses very eye pulling scenes to introduce the main characters of the novel which made the story more interesting. The opening scene of the novel introduces Jennifer Berkley as that cold lawyer and it is remarkable how she is so like her dad. It was a pleasure watching her character growth from the beginning to the end. In addition, the passage when Jen and Zack met for the first time, made me laugh hard and I just knew a decent romance would emerge. Although I liked Zack instantly, I must admit it was only after a few weeks in Ohio’s fresh air that I warmed up to Jen.

The author’s use of descriptive words which appealed to my senses made the exchange between the characters easier to read. The way she portrayed New York and its noise and business helped me understand Jen’s ties to her father and their law firm. However, the sketch of Ohio as slower pace, closer knit place assisted in showing the value of family and friendship for Aunt G and Zack. I am not sure if it was a deliberate ploy by the author, nevertheless it was brilliant. The author’s colourful language for cattle branding, romantic night in the open air, a country dance, Aunty G’s garden and many other events brought the story alive. However, the author’s love for describing Zack elbow reaching shirts felt a bit too much. A run down once or twice is good but afterwards it got old, fast.

Whilst I am on speaking about Zack’s shirts, I will take time to say that he surprised me at the ending of the story. I love what Ivy Alexander did with this handsome dimple muscle throbbing Ohio man. At first I thought he was a typical cowboy but I read him so wrong. He has so much more to him than the generic cowboy get up and it was a delight how that side of his character merge with Jen. He seems like what Aunty G mentioned – “total package.” Aunty G is the real deal so I believe her judgement. I think many families have an Aunty G, you know the one person who tries to bring everyone together peacefully.

The story is all about finding love and peace. Whether it is romantic love or family love, this theme is the core of the main plot. Love makes Jen heartache when she faces the hard task of dealing with a close family who lies to her and love breaks Zack’s heart when he hears of betrayal. You will definitely find some beautiful love quotes.


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