Not Such An Easy Fix

Cloudy Day

Source: Yelhispressing

In response to The Daily Post’s writing
prompt: “Easy Fix.”

I quit, I end all the toxic thoughts which crippled my ability to believe.
I quit, all the timid ways to get my messages across.
No more emails saying “hi”, either I pick up the phone or approach you, face to face.
I quit, all the back and forth with people who do not care about me,
But only what I can do to for them.
I quit rules and regulations that infringe on my freedom to speak and be me.
If it means excommunication then let me go to hell in peace.
I give up on trying to form civil relationships with people of same blood.
What is the point of an ambassador when no one wants to meet peacefully unless there is a death or a wedding?
I quit that! Hire someone else, my free services are appreciated elsewhere.

Yeah, so easier said than done.
It is definitely not an easy fix but it is ‘do able.’
It is the only solution for sanity, so I will make it work.
Get out of my way!
I am tearing down hills and mountains, tossing bullshit to the valley way below.
This is my time to be me, time to stop living for others and live for myself.
If you want to call me selfish for that, then go ahead.
How can I love others, unless I learn to love myself?
How can I appreciate others, if I do not learn to appreciate myself?
Exactly, now you get the picture.
Can you move so I can turn it up.
I can see it, a world where everyone is not forced to labour day by day under the dreams of parents, siblings or friends.
Such a cloudy world, where darkness hovers over, spoiling the willing and eager outbreak of warm rays.
A world dragged in despair, where little hope sips through clouded neglects.
Let us break through the clouds bit by bit.
If we start the work now, others later will say

“And all was right in the world.”


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