Media & Race: Blame Them?


The Media & Race

Some media houses  create a divide between ethnic groups who are ready to rock bottom each other. They deliberately pick the stories which are sensational and willingly many members of the public embrace its mockery on later immigrants. “Celebrities” fly across for grand parades fuelling citizens with grandeur of hope that this will be the case which makes our country better. Our society is all about famous people and how they live their lives, so you can imagine if Mr. So & So shows up for a protest how people would react. Die-hard fans/stans would quickly tune to various social networks or travel to the event. Immediately you have a show stopper. In my belief this is what happened of the untimely death of Trayvon Martin. I knew that entire fun fair would cripple a proper investigation because of heightened tensions exacerbated by famous people who thought this is the time. However, tread very careful with protest movements involving a murder. They are either effective or harmful, there is no in between result.

  I feel that the many persons choose sensitive issues to capitalize more attention for their own agenda. Have you ever thought that news is not solely to inform you but to grab ratings, increasing revenue for the money makers?  Why do you think there are many commercials during your evening broadcast? Most persons tune in around that prime time therefore it is business smart to have products across the screen or talked about over the airwaves. News producers are very careful what words they use and how they craft each sentence to juxtapose with photographs and videos. For example, every ten minutes the news reporter will say [in the case of Michael Brown] the white officer who killed the young black boy instead of mentioning the officer’s name or the age of the deceased. It is important to note that the young deceased is not a boy but a young man of eighteen. The deliberate use of  the police officer’s race and  the deceased description is a deliberate tactic.  Imagine a group of people who feel that another ethnic group for years rob them of the right to have the same equality to jobs and recreation. Additionally, for  the irate black community burdened with social injustices such as discrimination, classism, and racism and poverty first reaction to such broadcast is one of outrage. An emotion which often result in actions such as protests or riots which when televised stir more persons to react in the same or similar way.

Why do certain types of messages make the national forum whilst some do not make the cut in relation to issues of inequality between ethnicities or within one ethnic group? Why do I see more videos of white brutality [especially police] towards blacks? Do you think that blacks are not just as ruthless towards white? Everyday blacks kill each other whether in gang related incidents or domestic disputes but does it get the red light for a national story? Why not? What about the violence among whites such as poor whites, labelled as red necks. Some of their living conditions are similar to some poor blacks or Hispanics but do their criminal activities receive constant national media attention?


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