The Year of Me: Deal The Fuck With It


2015 I grew up on the premise of sacrificial,selfless love

which carried me to empty fields and broken dreams.

This year, I am taking a bit of selfishness with me.

My mouth is split just as yours,

so if I have to jump over your head for my bread

get out of my way.

Especially if you are among the many who are building bricks walls on my chances.

Fuck all those who disagree, when I am hungry do I see you see?


Here is to more screening calls, ignoring people who play that hypocrisy.

When I told you about my bullshit radar, you thought I was kidding?

Here is to a new-found love for using the word ‘fuck.’

A very simple way to express “get lost” with more effect.

Please do not attempt to hurt me in 2015 and demand for forgiveness.

Yes, I know all what the bible says about forgiving, spare me that line.

Here is to hating people freely who maliciously cross my path.

Hate fills you with bad emotions which mess your positive outlook, you say,

Yadi, da, blah, blah.

Where were you when I was loving?


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  1. 2015 will be your year to shine… Just asked God to guide you along the way to your dreams and don’t let no one tell you, that it is impossible, anything is possible. God will help you half way, it’s up to you to connect the dots. Good Luck and many blessings for you in 2015.


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