Missing Planes: Start Talking!

Missing Planes

Yelhispressing @wordpress.com

We live in a technological era, man fly to the moon,

enter the darkest caves, test the deepest oceans,

yet they cannot find missing planes.

This is absolutely no coincidence,

The authority, whoever the hell they are,

knows what happened to all these missing planes.

I thought flying by air is one of the safest way to conduct one’s journey

but I am sure people of the East may disapprove of such.

What happened, the wicked witch waved her wand and poof planes disappear?

Oh what, the devil is rejoicing on his victorious new souls?

Oh wait air  terrorist attacks, are they using the skies now?

How about pirates of the air and seas combining their skills for the thrill.

Or maybe, the planes got caught up in a portal which brought them back to historic times of

horses and carriages?

Tell me someone is not conducting research for a movie or a historic Sci-Fi novel,

or Sector 53 is suddenly working?

Yes, I am grasping at straws because I cannot fathom how planes, tracked devices,

disappear to the land of beyond and no one wants to say why.

Why? What are they hiding?

Who got paid or blackmailed?

Haven’t we sojourned a long way from Amelia Earhart[though she was not the only one before]?

Yet we cannot track missing planes?

There are people on board, this cannot end as a sacrifice but can it?


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