Feed The Hungry After The Holidays


Feed The Poor after Christmas

It is fantastic that we give people  food, water, clothing and shelter

but please remember the poor eat outside of the holiday season.

I know that you are happy to help this time around the year

because it encourages giving for all these jingle bells reasons.

However, ponder on this: do you have to give everything at this particular time?

Maybe you can save half and share the rest mid-year,

you can still shop when the sale is right to save the dime.

Yet you know that the cause you are fighting for sees your blessings,

at another time other than the Christmas holiday sleigh bells and all.

I am sure that the people in the old folks home would love to see your lovely face more

and  the lovely children are eager for kisses, hugs and maybe more dolls and  coloured balls.

I know, I know you are saying “well  at least I give one time “or “I make that huge donation”

but think about it why did you give around this time of the year?

If  we care all year round, do we have to wait for eggnog season to spread that cheer.

I know the times are colder which may make it lonely

but we all can use company with ice-cream in the summer.

Please do not give the homeless man your scarf in the winter

but chase him away when the months gets warmer with storms of thunder.

Please do not shove the hungry to the soup kitchen now with merry smiles

but tell them to fuck off in May only to dump good food in the trash a moment after.

Just remember the needy needs outside of the typical times of fun and laughter.


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