Christmas Eve Trough


Around this time last year St.Lucia swam partly under water.

I have never seen some much H2O flowing around in my life.

It was the Christmas Eve Trough, some say a lesson from the Potter.

People run away from their vehicles to escape the raging floods,

Some jumped unto trees to spare their lives other run up stairs in fright.

Roads split into  rivers taking cars with people in them.

More persons stranded in supermarkets and other stores, making bed for the night.

Bridges broke apart, toss to another section of the road.

Whilst huge boulders block access to buildings and landslides barricaded families from each other.

Screams of people in their homes as they watch helplessly as fridge and stove floated before their eyes.

Afraid that next it may be their turn.

As I am typing it starts raining and I know many St. Lucians hearts are thumping.

Many are preparing for the yearly J’ouvert session which never occurred last year.

For many it was a reminder of Hurricane Tomas lash of fury but others who escaped Tomas felt the trough.

Houses which stood against Tomas winds and rains, disappeared because of the trough.

Houses close to rivers were stained in mud, for weeks no one could rain that colour off their shoes or vehicles.

I remember that blackish car thrust on the side of its home and a mechanic garage cleaned involuntarily,

the river washed the vehicles out to the oceans.

I saw dead animals in rivers and streams, the stench unbearable.

It was the time that St.Lucians came together for a few days but everyone’s back to their old ways.

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  1. When will St Lucians learned. God is showing he is watching and he does not like these so called J’overt. What happened to the time we used to come together and go to church and recap on the new year and thanking God for the breath of life.


  2. Christmas trough was a lesson to be learned. Last year during all the rain and lightning these very people still try to go and fete. Regardless of all the things that transpired, they didn’t careless. You do recall in your early childhood how Christmas was celebrated. Look at what this world has become. God is good watching and when he cleans this earth, no one will see it coming.


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