Mistaking Lust For Love


Mistaking Love for LustWe do mistakes because we are humans,

or so I heard.

We have to learn from our mistakes,

or so I heard.

Well I have learnt that I mistook lust for love.

I think it was lust because you awaken some dormant volcanoes.

You made me hungry again but that was just it.

I made the mistake of calling it love,

worst of all I mentioned it to you.

A very terrible mistake because in a short frame of time,

I do not want you around.

I was in love with an idea of who I thought you were

but it should have stayed in my heart,

with the rest of my unspoken words.

We met at the intersection when my heart was ready for love again.

I loved twice before and I was ready to explore that insane world again.

So when your storm whooshed by,

I jumped way to fast under your umbrella.

I reflected on the events and stories and can only say

I stupidly mistook lust for love.


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