Sandy Hook Flowers


Source: Noirfifre

It is a sadness that everyone around the world felt, no one can fathom why someone would harm children.
Who does that? Who can take the life of such precious adorable flowers.
I can imagine the struggle the parents face everyday without the sound of running feet on the floor.
I am sure their giggles and laughter of delight and mischief echo in their houses.
Memories, memories that cannot fade and why should they?
They hold the core of what use to exist, flowers growing in the well manicured set of beliefs and morals.
Someone hold the lump down in my throat and the stings in my eyes…
I know they were not mine but I will never ever forget that Friday in December when cute little faces flash across my TV screen.
What type of world do I live in when kids cannot learn to write their names in peace?
Sandy Hook Flowers, I remember you.


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