Life’s A Bitch: The Demons Takeover

Life's A Bitch

Source: Noirfifre

I felt you crept closer and closer like Fred Krueger in my childhood memories.

You know that type of creep, a slow motion one which does not pretend but work towards ending you.

Well, this darkness I watched from a distant.

I thought I saw you gather power to hit me full on but you sent teasing doses of infliction.

As each darts of despair played jump rope with me, I laughed in part rage and part nervousness.

“What should I do,” I heard myself say.

“I have no idea,” I heard a voice replied.

I belched out screams of anguish as my heart sob, begging the blues to fly away.

Blackness leave me be, stop your slow motion and just come once and for all.

Hurl with all your might for one mighty blow, whatever happens let it happen.

“Que sera sera,” ya di da.


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