A statue for Mary Seacole


It is my first time meeting Mary Seacole, learning about her contribution to the Crimean War.

Repeating Islands


Soon, the UK will have its first statue of a named black woman—Mary Seacole—as Clive Soley reports for OpenDemocracy.net.

Mary Seacole was an Afro-Caribbean nurse who served in the Crimean War (1853 to 1856) as what the Appeal has come to describe as Britain’s first battlefield nurse. She was one of the first black women to write an autobiography.

Her nursing skills were renowned at the time and she carried out basic research into the causes of cholera and other diseases. She was also an entrepreneur, funding her nursing in the Crimea by setting up and running the British Hotel for allied troops. Mary was famous and popular with the troops to the extent that when she returned from the Crimea they organised concerts in London to raise money for her when she was bankrupt. She became a confident of Queen Victoria and was distinctly proud of the role…

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