Forget About the Past


Everyone has a past, some more colourful than others. You can’t change the past but you have a     choice as to whether you let it control your future. I know there will be times when something that has happened in my past will determine how I act in any situation but as long as I am aware of that then I can deal with it.So, don’t let your past influence your future. You are worth more than that.




Forgetting Yesterday: Live For the Future (Quote)


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  1. That’s so true. Everyone is bound to experience unhappiness in his or her life. We Humans have had some unpleasant memories perhaps some which are of real painful ones. Well, forget the past and move on and let time heal your pain. You get a jump-start on releasing the past when you take full responsibility. No one controls your past, present or future except you and God.


    • Yes certainly, time is an important factor in leaving the past behind. We can always be certain that with a determine heart and mine, that desire to live to live for the future slowly but surely jumps[or sometimes very quick] into action.


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