Death: Norm of Fear?

Sunset: Is it death? Poetry

Source: J. Pierre

So many afraid of you, they fear the uncertainty of the unknown but are you really that puzzling?

Some say everything stops when you step in; life stop to thrill.

But I say death is not only Mount Vesuvius over Pompeii.

It is the rest for that travelling heart, a heart which toiled over Himalayan of heavy load.

Hey, these shoulders need a rest at some point.

Death brings a slumber of the never return, alarm clocks are obsolete.

Just unequivocal silence, the type when you can hear yourself thinking and you cannot do a thing about that mental exercise.

Why so many frowns when a suffering sick mind is euthanasic?

Why the nervousness when  the living speaks about funeral preparations or insurance?

Why the awkward silence when a stage 4 cancer patient gives a joke about saving money because there is now, no need for shampoo or the hairdresser?

Why the shivers  of alarming  panic, when a brave soul decides to walk across a rope suspended over 20 feet in the air, blindfolded? He/ she took the risk for pleasure.

Why the need for hired mourners to pay last respects for the no longer here? Does the dead really need tears to  rest in peace?

Why the glare when  the request for no black and white at a funeral service but a favourite colour of the deceased: red?

Why the artificial hurt face at  the Forbes mans death, when your true motive is your name on the will?

Some see it in shadows of  black and white but others just speak about the “light at the end of the tunnel.”

Others say its like flipping on the on and off switch, I guess it is a subtle thing  happening.

Plenty think in joy or fright of that after life, for those who believe in heaven and hell.

For that real growing number  of people with no deity, what will the scene look like?

Each to their own[or so the saying goes] but the fact remains, we have tickets for death flight.

So let us tighten up every loose screw and clear every obstacle, this is not Halloween, ding, ding, did  you hear the bell?

This is no time for napping.




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