That Smile Looks Good On You


I remembered that smile, you know the contagious one which made the world and me fall in love.


I remember your smile upon that face, there is always something in it I could never forget.

My calendars torn , turning to ashes in their rest in peace place but their seasons does not erase the shape and taste of your smile.

The curve of that arc was close to perfection, if such a thing existed. It raised and deep in contours which made the sun red with jealousy.

I am wondering if the slight hint of strawberry colouring, made the girls mad with  excitement every time you passed by.


You certainly used your tools to your advantage. I cannot blame you, confidence was your gift but my downfall.

Me, me, the girl whose mission was to get in and out but yet that smile demanded  that I pause.

Slowed to a halt and the rest was smiling history.

Remembering the dates to match the events when my naughty side surfaced because of Sir Confident Smile.

The times of moisture in eruptive places.

The  times of red painting upon my cheeks.

My word, that thing you do with your lips is one bad mama shut your mouth.


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