Tales of the Isle


The isle of the heat, where sunsets burst hearts into flaming rays of warmth.

The isle of long shore drift creating a shell seekers dream and a coastline’s nightmare.

The isle of day dreams of unattainable nothings filled with bullshit diplomacy.

The isle of peaks of glory riding on clouds of imagination, destination unknown.

The isle of insatiable fuckery laced with rose tainted words of Delilah.

The isle of Puck and Oberon, mingling spells to the sleeping.

The isle of meaningless barking by stray hyenas thirsty for worthy attention.

The isle of bold daylight creeping, sharing each other’s property behind backs.

The isle of lazy thots eager to show the spirit of their city.

The isle of kitten policing, mad at everyone because you gave your cherry for that New Years outfit.

The isle of  weekend amens marked by weekdays events of  priestly blushing.

The isle of pussies mad at anyone who does not give in to their two inches.


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