Rosetta Stone

From B. Luderitz article (see References)

A look at The Rosetta Stone (From B. Luderitz article (see References)

In a town formerly called Rosetta (modern-day Rashid), in the Western Nile Delta, Egypt, an artefact laid hidden. When Napoleon Bonaparte carried out his expedition in Egypt, his Lieutenant Pierre François Xavier Bouchard, on July 15th, 1799 discovered this artefact whilst he worked on fortifying Fort St.Julien.

From B. Luderitz article (please see References)

Location of Rosetta                                     (From B. Luderitz article (please see References)

The stone artefact is known as Rosetta Stone, a traditional text-book with three language script: hieroglyphics script, Demotic script (another common language used by Egyptians in that time)and Greek script. It dates from 196 BC. For many years no one could decipher the scripts of Rosetta. What are they saying? Did aliens leave hidden messages for us? In 1822, Jean François Champollion published his findings on decoding the demotic and hieroglyphics scripts.

Mr. Champallion (from B. Luderitz, please see References)

Mr. Champallion
(from B. Luderitz, please see References)

It is also important to note that, Silvestre de Sacy, Johan David Åkerblad from Sweden and Thomas Young from Britain received praise as part of the team which aided in decrypting the ancient stone.
Today, Rosetta Stone inspires the wish to learn languages. A company which teaches millions to learn foreign languages named their product after the artefact. I am sure you may have seen the advertisement on many broadcasting sites or maybe learned a foreign language with the product.

Rosetta Stone[the artefact] sits at home in the British Museum in London, England.

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