YouTube Comments



Belching out in fits of laughter, shaking my head in glee, other times giggling like a school girl, charmed by the concept which pleases me.

Then, the moments of shaking my head in despair and surprise wonder at the nerve and ignorant bliss of that remark.

Listen, the comments sometimes or most times are more entertaining than the video.

It is sometimes what attracts me to the video, anticipating the interaction between the masses.

If  you disable the comments section, I am not watching any more of your YouTube videos ,especially if it a vlogger.

Yes, straight up I am stating my YouTube closet pleasure ;).

When you try to communicate in the comment section, it introduces you to the wise ass, the key board warrior, moral highness, bullies, thirsty straws, average loving the moment Joes and oh yes the minions.

You learn from YouTube comments. Trust and believe.




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