US Secret Service Director Resigns : 1st of October, 2014


Today, October 1st, 2014, Julia Pierson resigns from her post as US Secret Service Director. I do not usually post about news items but this particular story just itches my pencil to motion. I have always stood by the theory of speak your heart even if your voice shakes and my heart is burning.

Is a President more important than his people?

[raise eyebrows]

No this is not an Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Hong Kong or a conspiracy to hurt anyone or trying to start a movement.

I know that every leader needs protection but what angers me is the way committees drill anyone who threatens their leader but everyday people die on the alleys, main roads and on battlefields and no one gives a shit. Where are the representatives for the people at that time? Where are all the persons who are so concern for the President’s safety? Do they personally see to it that the persons in their communities that they represent receive that same special treatment?

I guess the eyes is on the price and money is the price.


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