I Am Not Sure I Want You


Quote-Speak-the-truth-even-if-your-voice-shakes (From 100 funny quotes)


I am not sure I want that connection with you forever, when I have to claim accountability for my choice of words around you.

I am not sure I need to wrap you in my arms to have that complete feeling.

You see if I am not complete before you, I will never feel complete when I have you in my bosom.

It is a pleasant feeling to hear giggles, that adorable and oh so cute voice but in another instant that annoying crying and tantrum  drives me insane.

How can I live for you when I have not lived for myself?

I am not sure I want you baby, I am not certain I want responsibility for another tiny life.

I do not think it is safe to continue this gene pool. Yikes.

I am okay with the uncertainty of not wanting you because I will not allow society to tell when, when I  am sure about baby world.

Maybe someone else who really want you should get you, instead of  me.

While I am uncertain I will not allow another to convince me into your conception.

Conception process maybe fulfilling but carrying you for nine months out of a twelve month year! That is epic, I am not sure I want to do that epic.

I am not sure, I am not sure about this risk.


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