Back In The Day (History): September 22nd



On September 22nd, 2004, the Federal Communication Commission fines CBS owned stations $550,000 after the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction.” However, in 2008, the United States Court of Appeal voided the charges. Television guidelines were never the same after said incident, technically there are seconds of screening added to the ‘live’ concept.


In the September 22nd, 2010 Swiss elections saw the first ever female majority in Cabinet (4 women out of a seven member Federal Council), less than 40 years after women won the right to vote.



Sarah Jane Moore approached the President Gerald Ford on September 22nd, 1975, she shot him but she barely missed. Moore received a  life in prison sentence, she escaped briefly in 1987 by climbing over the prison fence, but she was quickly recaptured. On December 31, 2007, Moore accomplished freedom from her prison confinement, [meaning her release from prison].



Full-scale war breaks outs between Iraq and Iran on 22nd September, 1980. The war lasted eight years.



On September 22nd, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln issues a preliminary Declaration of Emancipation for enslaved blacks within all rebels states, their freedom date would begin on 1st, January 1863.


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