When I Grow Up, I Want to be Famous

From:www.joshrimer.com: Growing up to be famous?


I want to be a?

Remember that part of growing up when your parents transferred dreams into your vortex and you fantasize about your 9-5 (or whatever time schedule)?
Did you walk around trying to play the part of that sacred role which you just could not wait to fulfil?
I grew up with friends at school and church who desired the role of a fireman, police officer, doctor, preacher, pimp, architect etc.
I coveted the writer’s spot; I still have the autograph of a historian I met whilst at A’ Level.
I still have my poems from primary school, filled with naïve thoughts about life as an adult.
There were a few who wanted the famous music/artist slot, the rapper and oh my niece claimed the mermaid role when she grew older.
I had a wonderful laugh at this one.

Did the occupations change that much since I was a child from the 90’s?
I feel to a certain degree it has, the words ‘I want to be famous,’ etched on so many children lips.
What does it mean to be famous? What is your occupation as a famous person?
What is so attractive about a famous person?
Is it the money which seem limitless? To indulge every need and want, things that childhood home could not afford? Is it the ability to have so many persons at your call because money buys service?
What does it mean to be famous?

I wanted to be the author so bad, a girl who sells lovely laced words to pay bills.
It is the same as saying I want to be a famous author.
I will not pretend that there is any difference.
However, if I my niece say “aunty I want to be famous,” should I not wonder what she will do for the rest of her adult life as a famous person?

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