Jane Austen 7 Novels: My Favourite Things


I am sharing some of my favourite Jane Austen.

1. My favourite to least favoured:  


b. Sense and Sensibility

c. Lady Susan

d. Mansfield Park

e. Pride and Prejudice

f. Northanger Abbey

g. Emma

2. Best written Austen novel: Sense and Sensibility

3. Favourite Hero: No one for years has filled in this role.

4. Favourite Heroine: Anne Elliot. She  tucked her kind soul into my heart. Oh, who could hestitate to love a girl who cares for people who treats her like she is an afterthought? She is so burdened down with all those emotions that I constantly feared for her.

5.Gentleman Award:  Colonel Brandon.

I am not sure whether to pass him off as pathetic when it comes to his love for Marianne but his treatment of Eliza and others surely claims his need to do good.

6. Favourite Couple: Jane Bennet and Charles Bingley

7. Best Moment: The build up to the letter and the reading of said letter by Anne Elliot in Persuasion.

8. Excellent matches: Austen knows how to pair some of these folks so well. For example:

Lucy Steele and Robert Ferrars

I also believed that Jane Bennet and Charles Bingley cavity sweet nature blend for a lifetime of honey bliss.

9. Relationships that I admire:

a.Fanny and William Price: I love how they look out for each other in spite of distance. It is just a fantastic brother and sister relationship.

b.Jane and Elizabeth Bennet: I always desired an older bestie sister, one where we can stay up talking and laughing.

c. Mr. & Mrs. Croft: their love for each other still flames the old torches of their heart. I just love “old love.” The way they look out for each other, not shying away from expressing their love.

10. Worst Mother: Lady Susan Vernon

All parents make mistakes but this lady does not try to be a mother, I honestly see Frederica as a baggage to prevent her [Lady Susan] from enjoying her social life. When she has Frederica around she uses her to bring more merriment for a life that she refuses to mature into a graceful lady and mother.

11. Rakes of the Year:  They are self explanatory but one thing I must point out sometimes we women are to easy to fall in love.

John Willoughby: He is also one hero that  I expected so much from. I really wanted him for Marianne’s forever love interest.

George Wickham

12. Most naive heroine: Catherine Morland. Thank goodness the Thorpes did not take a compelling advantage of this sweet child. I feel she has the Jane fever-This is when you see only the good in people (bless their hearts)- Alas one can say that with naivety comes innocence because Catherine acted like she knew nothing of society. Did her parents schooled her before handing her to the Allens, all set for bath?


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