Tet Paul Nature Reserve


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Nestled in the hills of  Chateau Belair ( a community hidden in the hills in South-west St.Lucia ), a scenery  jumps at you, offered  through the  Tet Paul Nature reserve. An easy hike of 45 minutes  boasts unobstructed scenery of the Pitons (UNESCO World Heritage Sight), Mt. Gimie (the tallest peak in St. Lucia), the environs of the South and  South-west of St. Lucia and on a clear sky day, sights of Martinique and St. Vincent.

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When everywhere below Tet Paul is melting away in heat, there is a refreshing breeze on the peak of that hill which envelopes you, encouraging you to stop for a picnic. It is beautifully natural, a site that leaves you breathless in wonder. You cannot help but give in to such a seducing, captivating view to the left, right, north and south…

Tet Paul is not only resourceful for spellbound views but they do offer a lesson on some of the local vegetation and fruits in St.Lucia. In addition, there is an opportunity to peek into the  past housing arrangements of a traditional St.Lucian decades ago.




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  1. This introduction on Tet Paul Nature Reserve is formidable. It’s amazing to see the stunning view of Sugar Beach Resort and The Pitons especially Mount Gime. From the distance you can also see the Maria Islands and nearby communities..Chateau Belair has many acres of land useful for agricultural development. Yelhispressing, Your writing is exceptional. I love reading blogs with a lot of depth and you point it out in your writing. Keep on doing what you love best!!


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