What I Need My Daughter to Know Today


Excellent and beautiful words of encouragement.

A Step onto the Road


Today, it hurts. Everything aches because you live in this horrible world of humans and that’s what humans do. They suffer and they make others suffer too. It’s one of the sad things about life: that we need to feel the bitter sadness in order to be filled up with joy. Here’s some things you may want to know when the good days seem far away.

1)      People suck. They are mean and cruel and selfish and oblivious. They will never treat you the way you deserve to be treated because they are too busy looking out for themselves. All people, even nice ones. We’re all selfish. We will all let you down at some point, not because we don’t love you. Not because you are not amazing. Because we are human, and humans are flawed.

2)      Getting revenge never feels as good as you think it will. Remember…

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