Reflections Of A Heart



The world goes on regardless of the lack of attention that you pay to the things you use to before. I have been so engaged in work, sleep and a bit of time for him that so much has happened that I miss. My priorities shifted as I try to balance my bread and manoeuvre in my free time. Am I sleeping my free time away? Am I bringing unnecessary fatigue into body still young and tender? I miss the eclipse, I missed that natural beauty. I missed the return of Game of Thrones, I waited so long for that irritating boy king ‘s death, that the five-minute rerun I barely captured left me uncertain. So many earthquakes threatening, so many volcanoes rumbling and I did not update my system. What is my priority? I briefly watched 20/20, imagine my embarrassment when I glimpse in time to see the award ceremony and highlights. The Malinga form looked great! I have no idea what is going on in the NBA world, although I was not surprised  when my brother reported Lakers struggle. To meet all our goals we have to make time I must make time for my interests. Easier said than done!


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