Life is a Puzzle

Life Is a Puzzle in Poem



Life is better for all but only if we help each other, in a positive way.

Child pornography will stop only when  you handcuff the men in the tailored suit .

This move may drive the nasty practise to confinements underground but this is the necessary steps to shake the tight reins on such an inhumane practise.

My great great grandchildren may have a taste of community togetherness if a considerate entrepreneur would leave the homely barbershop on the street corner. Somethings should  last and a caring neighbourhood is high on that list.

If there is less fracking, would not there be less mammoth sinkholes? Sinkholes which holds memories of that old swing and favourite spot, all now submerged in a heartbreaking mass of debris.

I know we need the employment, so babies could go to school and mortgage payment fall due but if we will tamper with earth, the consequences are enough to forsake unnecessary investment.

The trend is Climate Change because Global Warming reminded too many of the role of humans in destroying the only planet they could call home. Get your head out of that Mars bubble, save yourself by saving your planet.

The intricate web of bureaucracy is nauseating but I believe not all hope is lost in the diplomatic world. I do not know how long it will take for transparency to headline the criteria list of all CEO ‘s, politicians, pastors and all other leaders but it is a necessary move for weeding out corruption.

According to my elders the world’s lies and games have not changed that much. We see more because technology has allowed less discretion in revealing information. Now anyone can i report any event that is important.

Click! The smartphones captured your rendezvous, moments later you are on Facebook and/or YouTube and possibly the 6 o’clock news. Well you may avoid the news or get the story twisted if you own  the station or related to someone who is a major shareholder.

Society runs by who we know and who knows us. Your personality and paper is ideal but who you know too often gets your foot in the door, you just take it from there.

Life is full of wonder and surprises. There is always something intriguing happening.

I love just sitting on a cool rock, gazing at the ocean reflecting on the happening of our planet.


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