Time: heals, understand? Poetry



Time: an essential antidote to matters of the heart.

Time: it heals with such precision that no hint of earlier damage is visible. Please do not try a microscope there is nada there.

Time: it makes one feel alive. Volcanic eruptions have nothing on me. Hey! I am not dangerous, I’m just spurring forth a bunch of energetic good stuff.

Time: it gives the longest rope time to crawl its way to a sudden stop. Trust me it  fascinating when that happens.

Time: shows true colours, pretentious ways seep through their permeable hypocritical fissures bursting to the surface.

Time: clearly depicted who you really are.

Oh I love time!

Time: you waste it, your problem, you will never get regain its usefulness.

Time: its tricky! When you stare at the clock, it plays with you, it either stands still or it does a cheetah dash.

Time: Can be a friend when we live life right or it  a bitter foe when we insist on treating others like trash. Choose one: do you want Time as a friend or enemy? Think wisely.

Time: breaks down decay, a necessary process to get rid of negative electricities, throwing out issues of forgiveness, bitterness and heart-ache.

Time: is calming. It is the  beautiful North East Trade Winds on a sunny tropical day.

Time: It works wonders to the Respiratory system.

Breathe in and breathe out, Time compels and I gladly comply.


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