Thankful: Poetry


Lord I am thankful for your love from way above.
I thank you for your son who made us one.
Thank you for our differences in all our preferences.
Thank you God for our changed heart, you took away the Old Man and replaced it with a great temple, a temple which honours you in the physical and spiritual aspects of our life.
A great thank you, Lord for forgiving our sins; you did not throw us away like trash in a bin.
I thank you for your love in abundance and not the feeling of being abandon.
I thank you for family and friends who are there in time of need, who help us practise good deeds.
Though we feel sad that we lost one such humble sister (sis Mary) we know that in the Kingdom we shall meet again.
Though the is hard in this ever long guava season, nevertheless I am thankful for breath of life, the ability to walk, talk, skip, write, laugh, play, read…

For all this and more you have given me, Lord I am forever thankful.


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