Move Over Boaz



I know, I know you are wondering who is this silly person who is questioning the beloved Boaz. So many believers like very much the character Boaz because of Ruth. Saying “oh hold on your Boaz is around the corner.”

Can I be frank?

Urghhhhh! This Boaz talk makes me cringe so much! Is Boaz the only eligible man from the bible? What is so attractive about Boaz? Is it his caring nature towards a woman: he felt his heart-strings tugged every time she came to his fields. Or is it because he was an older man with a larger purse! Now be honest, for all those woman who is waiting for their “Boaz,” what is attractive about him.

There are many other quality men from the bible that I hear many people admire in other circumstances but when dating and marriage comes up, so many want a Boaz.

What about a Joseph. Now this is a brother who would be a great leader in the family. When dating or courting rest assured the only way ANY impurity would come up in the relationship is on the sister’s side. Joseph is such a spiritual babe magnet but oh no, most want their Boaz. Did you remember how Joseph run naked from Potiphar’s wife to escape the plight of fornication. Call him a sissy all you want but he is the kind of sissy I find attractive. Plus, imagine he a slave, then falsely imprisoned and his faith in God never wavered. Someone dial me a Joseph! (Oh and remember he was quite capable of taking care of his immediate and extended family. Take that Boaz!)

What about a Jesus Christ. Yes I know no one can ever be like the guy, he is like one in a trillion. He lived 33 years on earth and he never sin. Well The Word tells us to walk just as Christ walk so there are a few Christ guys around? No? Then what’s up with the word Christian. Anyway, a Jesus Christ would be a great catch. Cast your net into God’s sea and reel a Jesus in :D.

What about a Jonathan. He was strong and skilled plus he forsake his father’s side for his good friend when he realized his father was in the wrong. There is a guy who would stand for the good/right even when the subject of loyalty of family interferes.

Just consider these few and dig deeper in the Word for more, Boaz is not the only one. Well that is if you like older men and wish making the first move with no reproof from the Church folks, then I guess I shall leave you to your Boaz.


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