Why is Jesus so “Hot?”

Jesus: Is he attractive? poetry


Flipping through books, clicking through pages.

I am reading about the Saviour, you know the one ‘they’ said was born on December 25th.

The images for his face is similar to what I remember as a young-in.

Time has changed and people with it but the looks of Jesus remains the same.

Botox has nothing on that well chisel gentle face.

Why is hair so long and smooth to match his face?

How can Jesus look up staring at me through the cyber world with piercing eyes that echoes everything and nothing in my heart.

Who ever said this is how Jesus should look like.

If he is the son of God, why does he look like a dude from the Middle East.

Remember no one has seen the face of God, so how can they tell what Jesus should look like.

Mary just carried him, he had not part of her. She was just a substitute mother.

Furthermore, why is Jesus so attractive?

Isaiah says he had no form of majesty in him, not that any should look at him in fascination or look at him with want.

In others Jesus was not cute, hot, looking good.

No woman who pass by and say “dayum.”

He was not built-in such a way, yet all the images show him in that gentle handsome form.

Why did they choose a gentle-looking Jesus, instead of a touch macho looking Jesus?

Is it because his portrait as “a lamb for the slaughter?”


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