He Did It!


Why is it, that every time someone gets caught in an act, they quickly point out what someone else is doing as well?!

Never heard of the phrase “you do the crime, you should do the time?”

Apparently in today’s society no one wants to walk the Hall of Shame alone.

“If I must go down, I am taking someone with me,” mentality seem like fair game all around the world.

Image(from cheezburger.com)

When mom catches Jim stealing snacks from the fridge late at night.

Jim says “but Tom (his brother) did it last night.”

When Mr. Jack gets caught embezzling funds from The Under Privilege Project he laments that Mrs. Sprigman took $2,000 from the fund year before last.

It is a blame game.

No one wants to take responsibility for their wrong doings anymore.


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