Blame the Electorate





It is our fault that some government ministers, congressmen etc misuse their place of office.

Yes it is definitely your fault when repeat offenders sit behind their mahogany desks for more than one term in office.

Why should you blame him for mishandling your tax payment.

Why should you blame her for her arrogant and uncaring ways.

Why should you have lame protest year in and year out for the same issues.

Just shut up  on Facebook especially in the Huffington Post comment section about your love hate relationship with your Congressman.

How long do you have to make my ears screech with your tired old  comments about the power of the electorate.

What power?

You are all some power and  wise, so wise that King Solomon  testimonies cannot touch you, yet you are so ignorant of your ways.

Vote your talk!

Vote out these Congressmen who only care about you around elections time.

Shake up the very foundation on swing voting.

Give Wolf  a few sleepless nights, whilst he try to figure out what happened.

Stop those men who use weapons of mass financial  destruction dead in their tracks.

Until you do so, just shut the hell up.

You are brainwashing your children into the belief that voting for the same asses is ok.

Are you over powered?

Is there a force which circulates around election time?

Do you feel dizzy after you vote, did you have a sense sensation after voting.

Please make me understand  what is  happening.

I hear people complain about politicians yet they turn around and they vote for the same people.

It is an April Fool joke?

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