Growing Older Makes You Experience


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Gone are the days of innocent giggles, seeing pictures but not understanding the concepts behind them.

Saying gross when you watched adults exchange saliva.

Thinking your piggie bank can sustain for ever and ever.

The days when our dreams were  so big and so obtainable.


Then something happened: we grew up.

Like when Adam and Eve ate the fruit we became experience and knowledgeable  about how the world works.

We realize that our piggy bank is not near enough to pay the light bill.

The things that gross us out, feel and seem natural and loveable.

Our giggles are hardly innocent, minds ripe with a double meaning.


It is great  to remember the days when our songs of innocence, so we could juxtapose those days with our songs of experience.

See how much you have grown: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Protect your children, nephews, nieces and cousins childhood.

Let them have their share of that innocent cocoon, so they could say sometime down the road.


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