Summer’s Heat


My visit to MSN today took me to a story on the death of 23 kids because of the heat wave.

Sad to hear kids killed by their favourite season of the year.

Every year, every bloody hot year, summer’s heat kills and when it does not kill, it makes many lives miserable.

I remember my childhood summers, swimming in the river, picking mangoes and hunting birds but now it is so hot I swallow cold water like it is ice cream.

If it is not global warming, climate change (whatever that is) then why is it so hotter?

So much hotter that I wish every electricity company would lower their service charge so every household could accommodate air condition units at a reasonable price. [yeah I know wishful thinking]

So much hotter that no sane lovers would tangle.

So much hotter that every year shorts are getting shorter and natural tans are more popular.

So much hotter that sweat are finding themselves in un-comely areas.

So much hotter that a vacation to the North Pole looks attraction.

So much hotter… (it is too hot to think to complete this sentence)

Hours later after the sun sneaks over the horizon, a cool breeze meanders through the area.

What a relief, until morning comes again and heat damage starts all over again.


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