Sexy Rain



Eyes perched to the not so distant hills, I feel your presence.
Quickly ,white thick clouds turn to dark grey menacing creatures.
I like the way you do that, the way you signal your approach.

Teasing, taunting sprays of your water lands gently on my miserable face.

Pushed by that enveloping breeze, I see you gather in fury.

I stand watching your movement, you are in no hurry to get here.


Your long legs of moisture struts through tree tops, whilst your arms wraps the air in enticing cocoon.

The wind prequel your entrance whooshing ahead of you, in fright or as a warning?

Tack, tack, tackie tack, you drum away on the galvanize roof.

It is a comforting melody, eyes shut I inhale so deeply, pulling your aroma into me.

I love when it rains.


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