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The Food Within You…or…You Within the Food?


The Food Within You…or…You Within the Food?.

Excellent article on the similarities of certain foods with some of our body organ. I urge you to read this and try some of the foods out. I am using some for example ginger and it really is effective against stomach cramp, diarrhoea and nausea.


What Am I?

Looks like a bird house. Birds fly

Source: J. Pierre

I can make your body ache so bad that you cannot sit, stoop, stand or lie still.
I can make you so angry that you wish to hurt the one who contaminated you against your will.
I can make an adult needy like a toddler.
I can make you cry involuntarily and I love it, it makes me bubbly.
I can make you love your bed more than ever.
Turning you into a clean freak, not for long however.

I can make the simplest task feel like a burden.
I can drain you of all of your energy all of a sudden.
I can make you babble like a fool.
Have you sipping all day on gruel.
I am powerful, oh yes I am mighty,
I can bend you, break you, make you flighty.

What Am I?