A Letter to My Lord


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Dear Lord,

Let me not be afraid as death persistently hits home of late.
Help me more and more to confide my fears to you and have you turn them into rainbows.
When the task at hand frustrates every nerve in me, help me bite my bottom lip and say nothing.
Help me to rely on you more and more and just learn to quit worrying and lord if I do not say it enough, thank you for always giving me one comfort when the black hole sucks everything else.
When everything grows hopeless and forbidden fruits appear acceptable nag me like crazy and drill me like a solider to keep up discipline.
Lord, the time are changing, have changed and will continue to change but let me change only for the better and if the better is unacceptable to those that love me, well, set them straight.
Thank you lord for always surrounding me with people who look out for me, everywhere I go.
Yes indeed sometimes I wish for more but I am realizing fully that getting everything I want, have consequences  for me.
You give me a warm bed at nights,
When there are so many homeless people.
You gave me meals everyday and snack too; now many Haitians do not have that.
You gave me the opportunity to read for my degree making my dream into reality whilst many are still dreaming.

Contentment is not a crime; it is an art of self-discipline.

Lord, you make me think of the work/mark of the beast and the courage and yes the contentment needed for that time.
Therefore, if you are training me for then, I will earnestly try to humble more and more.
I will try extra hard, many of my friends’ say I need to learn  submission.
Now that request and understanding is for another longer letter.
So for now lord, I say goodnight.


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  1. what a sincere prayer. we truly just have to give thanks in everything. We are so blessed and must always strive to maintain an attitude of gratitude. Stay humble and grateful. much luv


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