The Quarrelsome Family

Quarrelsome Family


Quiet is invalid in this house.
Unity is uncommon in this household.
Audacity is a subject of great importance,
Row-row an aka in my language.
Reality is defiant in this domain.
Exaggeration is always a must.
Love! Oh my! Is this present?
Sincerity! What! I’m not hearing you.
Omission now that is great.
Mercy I doubt that,
Everlasting peace, now that is ironic.


Noise, noise, noise.
Morning, noon and night.
When will it stop?
When will it end?
Maybe when the sun starts doing the moon’s job.
The anger, the frustration  stored up and later showers.
The confusion and the dedication put into quarrelling is so amazing.
The fruits of the spirits are hate, sadness and war instead of the traditional love, joy and peace.
No one really knows each other and no one really wants to know each other.


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